Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thirteen Celebrity Pics That Showed Up on My Blog in 2007

OK, this is the last Notes in the Key of Life 2007 retrospective, I promise! But even though this isn't primarily a culture blog, some celebs' pictures did show up here during the past year. Here are 13 of them...and if you click on their name, you can go to what I posted about them.

January--David Beckham

February--Matthew Fox

August--Kim Alexis

September--Zachary Levi


Kay said...

You know, I've been told I look just like a young Elizabeth Taylor.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
oooo weee. phshew.

AJ Chase said...

I love Zachary Levi, what a cutie. I've never heard of Evie Tornquist Karlsson. But my daughter's name is Evie so I enjoy occasionally seeing that name around.

K. said...

I actually blogged in a similar vein today, although mine was SLIGHTLY more boy crazy. Desmond from Lost made the list, though - that accent really is divine, isn't it?

Enjoyed your list, Happy T13!

Judy said...

Pete Duel. OMG! I loved that cute face. Move over Russell. Well, not really.

damozel said...

I know some of those people: Taylor, MTM, and the guy from "Chuck" (adorable character, awful show (?)) I am beginning to realize that I am really out of the loop, current-celebrity-wise. I have heard a lot of these names, though!

thanks for visiting mine!

Lynne said...

I just went back and read your Pete Duel post from June. What fun!

Ashley said...

What?!? No Henry Ian Cusick or Russell Crowe?!? I thought they'd both certainly make your list. I've got one of Josh Holloway (Sawyer, Lost) on one of my old posts.

Your Lost link makes me wish the show were already back on... Three weeks left! I'm counting!

Cindy Swanson said...

Ashley, I did feature a picture of Desmond on my blog this year, but I only needed 13 pics for my Thursday Thirteen list, and I decided to use Ioan Gruffudd instead of Henry Ian Cusick. I do LOVE Desmond, though...can't get enough of his accent!

Nicholas said...

I loved the Mary Tyler Moore Show. When I was in Minneapolis years ago I tried to find that actual street corner. I wonder who that old lady was, giving her a funny look.

Tink said...

The first three are my favourites! :-)
Thanks for visiting my expensive cities TT.

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