Friday, January 11, 2008

"Old School" Family Photos

I discovered something today that delighted me. My son Justin had scanned several old family photos and put them on his MySpace. The one below is one I've always loved: my husband and my two boys, circa 1985?

This was before my daughter was born...she came along in 1987. I love this picture because they look so happy and adorable. It's a cheap photo booth picture that somehow captures the essence of these three boys that I love so much. It also captures a moment in time that's gone forever. Like me, my husband is older. The boys are men now. I love them just as much, but they'll never again be the young man and the two little boys in that picture.

Don't you just love old family photos?


Juliet said...

Where does the time go? the Bible says, "Our life is like a vapor..."

Great pictures..and yes, I do love old photos..especially of my Mom when she was a young girl.

Angie said...

I love old pictures...I have a memory box filled (ones that have not quite made to the album yet). Thank you Cindy for your kind comment and visit to my blog! The LORD is so good! My sister Wanda was RELEASED from the hospital last night! YEAH GOD!! She still has fluid...but by the help and grace of God---it is coming off! She is on oxygen--but her voice is surprisingly strong! Awesome God!
Have a blessed weekend!!!

Kay said...

I have old photos framed all over my house.
and one of my favorites of my kids and me is from one of those booths. I'll have to see how well it scans.

Norma said...

I love these old photo-booth pictures. I have a few too--from waaaaay back. County fairs, museums--they used to be everywhere. I suppose they've been replaced by digital and cell phone cameras.

Kelly said...

These are great! I remember getting pictures like that growing up!

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