Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A trip down Memory Lane

As I mentioned the other day, my son Justin scanned some old pictures, and I couldn't resist sharing a trip down Memory Lane. (Even if it means I have some pretty crazy 80's hair in them.)


Jonathan is two years old in this picture, and I am going through my Gunne Sax dress phase. (If you don't remember them, here's an example.) Note also that my husband still had hair in this picture.


I was pregnant with my daughter Elizabeth in this picture. Note the 80's hair in full effect. I had no trouble achieving this look, because for the first time in my life, having naturally curly hair was actually a plus!


My sons were not thrilled that their new sibling was a sister until they actually got to hold her. That's my gorgeous mom helping Justin hold his little sister. To this day, Elizabeth is crazy about her brothers.

Me and my baby daughter.

Early 90's

Big hair still going strong. Big bows for little girls were also quite the trend.


Fast forward to last summer. The times when we're all together are not as frequent now...sadly...so I have to make sure a family pic gets taken during those times!

Hope you didn't mind sharing my trip down Memory Lane. Only one question emerges when I look at old pictures...well, two, I guess--"What was I thinking?" and "Where did the time go?"


Kay Day said...

I loved Gunny Sax! Thanks for sharing!

Randy Spradlin said...


That Eigties hair thing! Man, weren't those the days? Ha! Regardless of some, I love going through photo albums. Plus, Doug with hair! Go figure. Thanks for sharing those memories!


Juliet said...

It's great that you can scan those pictures...I loved it when BJ was able to get my scanner working.

Thanks for sharing those photo.

Ann-Marie said...

I still love Big Hair! You look great - then and now!

Scott said...

There are some things I hate about clothing and hair trends and styles and how much it costs to keep up to date.

But one nice side effect is that when we look back in shame at some old photos (not that any of yours are shameful, mind you), it can be a self-esteem boost to know how much more rockin' we look NOW.

You just keep getting better, based on the photos alone.

Solameanie said...


I feel old. Real old. Olllllllllddddd.

"Auntie Em, Auntie Em, the hourglass is almost empty!"

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