Thursday, May 03, 2007

13 Famous People named Cindy or Cynthia

1) Model Cindy Crawford
2) Actress Cindy Williams
3) Model (?) Cindy Margolis
4) Actress/dancer Cynthia Rhodes
5) Actress Cynthia Nixon
6) Designer Cynthia Rowley
7) Politician Cynthia McKinney
8) Former Beatle wife Cynthia Lennon
9) Activist Cindy Sheehan
10) Columnist Cindy Adams
11) (Spelling varition) Singer Cyndi Lauper
12) Christian singer Cindy Morgan
13) "Ferris Bueller" actress Cindy Pickett

And a bonus: A song by Tammany Hall called "Cindy"--see this animated version.

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