Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Melange

I've been battling some sort of ickiness for the past few days (I'm finally breaking down and going to the doctor later today), but truth be told, I'm having trouble corraling my thoughts for blogging. So today will be a hodge-podge of unrelated but, I hope, interesting things.

Mark Schultz to bike across America

Christian singer Mark Schultz--who has been known to wring a tear or two from my eye with his very touching ballads--is doing something really cool.

On his upcoming concert tour, Mark will bike across America to raise money for orphans. The fund-raising trek is to support The James Fund, a charity founded by Family Christian Stores.

Mark himself is adopted, and he's concerned about the plight of children who don't get adopted. He hopes to wrap up the 35-hundred mile trek in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on July 9th.

You can find out more about Mark's bike tour and The James Fund here.

And below, a beautiful song about adoption:

Little girls growing up too fast?

This USA Today story troubled me. A little girl selling off her American Girl dolls at the age of 9, so she can buy a Juicy Couture sweatsuit? Can't children stay children for a while? Eeesh...

The wrong tomb after all?

Apparently more scholars are backing down on their belief that the tomb of Jesus has been found. Very interesting article.

Depressed about global warming?
Maybe you should read this article.

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