Monday, April 14, 2008

Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Child

Listen to sound clips from my interview with Allison Bottke

Are you struggling with issues with your grown children? Feeling like you're quickly losing a grip on your sanity? Well, there's hope for you.

Recently I was able to talk with Allison Bottke, author Setting Boundaries with Your Adult Children--Six Steps to Hope and Healing for Struggling Parents.

Allison's experiences with her own son prompted her to write the book. In our interview, she describes the crisis in which everything came to a head. Listen here.

The book provides practical, concrete steps you can take deal with the problems you're having with your adult children. The six steps are outlined in the acronym "SANITY":

S--STOP the Enabling and STOP the Flow of Money
A--ASSEMBLE a Support Group
N--NIP Excuses in the Bud
I--IMPLEMENT Rules and Boundaries
T--TRUST Your Instincts
Y--YIELD Everything to God

Allison's experience with her own son didn't have a storybook ending--at least, not so far. He is currently in prison, paying the price for his earlier mistakes. But Allison believes God is still working in his life--and she offers hope for parents going through similar situations in this soundclip.

Listen to the entire interview with Allison Bottke here.

SANITY support groups are forming as a result of Allison's book, where parents can get together for much-need support. To locate or to form one in your area--or simple to find out more---go here.

Allison Bottke is also the author of some wonderful fiction books. I blog about Allison's One Little Secret here (includes interview sound clips).

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