Thursday, April 17, 2008

13 things to tell you about...

As always, bookmark this page if you want to come back later and check out the links!

1. First of all, I can't help it--I have to show off this pic of my adorable grandson, Payton, playing in the Texas bluebonnets. I just wish I was there with him!

2. Paging Sherry of Semicolon! I tried to comment on Semicolon this morning, but the comments section wouldn't allow me to do so...I kept getting a message that I had entered the wrong CAPTCHA, but I had not even been given an opportunity to enter it. And Sherry does not have an e-mail address on her blog, so if anyone knows how to contact her, please e-mail me!

3. One of the reasons I had wanted to comment on Semicolon was because of Sherry's insightful and spot-on (in my opinion) analysis of what's going on right now with the characters on "Lost." A must-read for "Lost" fans.

4. The other reason I wanted to comment is because Sherry reminded me that today is Carry a Poem in Your Pocket Day.

5. Kristy Lee Cook was booted from American Idol last night. Following are a couple of the blogs who recap AI, that I enjoy reading:

6. Robin Lee Hatcher's Write Thinking

7. Linda's 2nd Cup of Coffee

8. Linda also directs us to a site where you can get T-shirts featuring your favorite AI contestants.

9. A woman finally won Biggest Loser!

10. Heinz is introducing gourmet ketchup--but why bother? Their ketchup is already the best, as I blogged about here.

11. A news story about China and recalled hillbilly teeth? Come on, you know you want to read it.

12. Hat tip to Stones Cry Out: a meme about transcendant beauty. I just might have to try doing this one.

13. I never wanted to see the movie "Lars and the Real Girl"--but now I find out that someone I trust loves it.

Happy TT to all!


Keys to the Magic Travel said...

I am going to immediately check out the "LOST" analysis...I can't wait for it to come back. And I am curious about "Lars." All the reviews I have read are fabulous...but I don't get it. I'll have to check back and see what a real person has to say!

Jenn said...

#10 - really? I need to go read your post about that.

Unknown said...

Fun list. Happy T13!

Sherry said...

Sorry, CIndy. My blog self-destructed on Tuesday, or was hacked or something, and when we put it back together I guess the comments got messed up. My computer guru son is working on it. In the meantime, thanks for the links, and please come back when the comments are fixed.

Ashley said...

Fun list! I've finally done the T13 again: 13 Things that Make Me Feel Like a Kid Again.

Sherry said...

Yeah, comments are fixed thanks to my wonderful son.

Denise Patrick said...

Hey, Cindy! Thanks for stopping by my TT 13! I like your list - random lists are the best. I'm going back to check out some of the links, too.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Love your list. However, Stones Cry Out is out of my league. That dude is smart. Thanks for the link. You're my favorite DJ, and may I quote my new favorite singer to convey my deep feelings for you: "Ken Lee, too lee boo dee boo dow choo." And that is why that guy of Stones Cry Out and I will never have a conversation in this life.

Anonymous said...

OK! Cutest grand baby ever!! (And you can keep that title until I have a grand baby one day!)

KW said...

Your grandson is so cute!

Naomi said...

Great photo of Payton Cindy. Your beautiful grandson gets more adorable every time we see him. Heinz are introducing the gourmet ketchup over here in England too.

By the way, would you like to swap links Cindy, I recently added your link to my blog so I can find you easily.

Juliet said...

Payton looks like a Swanson!!! Too Cute.

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