Thursday, April 10, 2008

13 Things to Tell You About

For today's Thursday Thirteen, a potpourri of links-n-stuff:

(As always, if you don't have time to check out links now, bookmark them and come back later!)

1. A remix of the opening theme of "Lost," if J.J. Abrams thought like everyone else in television. (from USA Today Pop Candy)

2. Concerned about a growing problem with anorexia in France, French fashion industry officials say they're going to start promoting healthy body images. Hmm. We'll see. (Pictured left: a typically skinny fashion model, and below: plus-size [in what universe!?!] model Lara Johnson.)

3. I blogged the other day about a Carissa Smith post in which she didn't like what she was hearing about the Prince Caspian movie. Here's a different take on the movie from C. S. Lewis' stepson, Douglas Gresham.

4. And in a related item, Crossway Books is coming out with a book called A Family Guide to Prince Caspian. From a Crossway news release:

Shimmering just below the surface of Prince Caspian are spiritual treasures and life lessons just waiting to be discovered. Christin Ditchfield, author of more than 50 books, mines the depths of Prince Caspian’s Narnia with skill and creativity. While many readers could discover the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection within The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the spiritual themes in Caspian may be a bit more subtle. Have you seen in Prince Caspian the opportunity to teach your child about faith, perseverance, or courage? These spiritual themes, among others, keep the Chronicles of Narnia relevant for today and make them important for your child.

5. An El Dorado, Texas church is turning the raid on a polygamist sect into a chance to show God's love.

6. I'm going to update my post about interviewing Tullian Tchividjian (young pastor and author who happens to be the grandson of Billy Graham), but you can listen to the entire (about 20-minute) interview here, or to a 5 and a half minute sound clip here.

7. Like hockey? Care about the Stanley Cup play-offs? Apparently some celebrities do too (like Jason Reitman, Lauren Conrad, Kevin Smith) and they're going to be blogging about it here.

8. A Q and A with Ben (Bueller? Bueller?) Stein about why he's taking on Darwinism.

9. Some never-before-seen photos Elvis have been discovered.

10. The blogosphere is buzzing about the American Idol finalists closing "Idol Gives Back" with Christian praise song "Shout to the Lord." Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee sums it up for me. Robin Lee Hatcher has a different, yet balanced view.

11. Speaking of American Idol--New York Entertainment asks: Is David Archuleta the Greatest 'American Idol' Contestant of All Time? (hat tip to the evangelical outpost)

12. In case you missed my mention of it yesterday, here's a fascinating video clip of late Christian singer Keith Green as an 11-year-old on I've Got a Secret. I would never have recognized him!

13. And here's a classy and beautiful book trailer from one of my favorite authors, B. J. Hoff.


Kat said...

I never did understand the show "Lost". Will have to come back and check out the rest of the links. We've got some bad storms moving through . . . possible tornados! I'm at work in the basement so I'm safe. Happy TT Come check mine out at

sandierpastures said...

First time on your blog. Lovely layout and colors!

Happy TT.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Cindy, Thanks for your visit to my place today and your kind words...I would love to see the photos of Elvis. He was one of my teenage idols.I saw him in person when I was 15 years old and he was so cute...I will bookmark some of these sites and visit them later.thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Baba

SandyCarlson said...

No. 5 has me gagging! Oh my. This is a great list. I am glad the fashion folks will think about human bodies in future. They don't do themselves any favors when normal bodies pack themselves into clothes designed for broomsticks!

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