Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Justin's Visit--and a trip to Chicago

...and more background/feedback on the American Idol "Shout to the Lord" performance

It was so wonderful having my younger son Justin home for a week-long visit. Justin is one of the most easygoing, pleasant people in the world. It was great just getting to spend time with him.

More on that "Shout to the Lord" performance on American Idol...

Josh Harris has a very balanced post about the AI finalists singing "Shout to the Lord" during Idol Gives Back week.

Particularly interesting is a quote from a woman named Beverly who works on a related show:

"I work on one of the 'sister shows' of American Idol...so picture an office, with all of the producers, crew, etc. gathered in watching the live feed at our CBS offices, then this song comes on...an office filled with a few Christians....atheists and agnostic Jews. You could hear a pin drop....it was awesome.....the power that came through....nothing had to be said...no debates....just people being touched more than they realized...producers, writers...crew that had never darkened a church door in their lives, or their only experience with Christians was a negative one.

Read more at JoshHarris.com.

Hat tip, by the way, goes to Christ and Pop Culture, where this is American Idol Week.

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Juliet said...

What fun..Chicago is such a fun place to visit. Thanks for sharing the trip with us.

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