Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Allison Bottke's "One Little Secret"

My interview with Allison Bottke

All you have to do to realize that Allison Bottke is a remarkable lady is to take a look at her website. Allison is a one-woman cottage industry--or to quote Superchick, she's a "one-girl revolution."

The creative force behind God Allows U-Turns, Boomer Babes Rock and Set Boundaries Now, she is a dynamic speaker and writer.

So it's no surprise that when Allison turned her hand to fiction (something she's wanted to do all her life), it was going to be good.

One Little Secret

My first encounter with Allison's fiction writing was A Stitch in Time. The fascinating story of a career woman who is dealing with the effects of Weight Loss Surgery, that book contained a lot of Allison's story as someone who has lost 120 pounds as the result of WLS. It's a wonderful read, and one I highly recommend.

In this sound clip, Allison talks about how her story was woven into "A Stitch in Time":

One Little Secret is no less absorbing and entertaining. The story is about a "boomer babe," married to a highly successful and extremely busy attorney, who is facing an empty nest. She has one dream, which she has shelved during her children's growing-up years: to sing professionally. How this dream is realized, and all the complications along the way, makes for a terrific read.

In this sound clip, Allison talks about the premise behind One Little Secret:

One of the messages of the book is that it's never too late to achieve your dreams--an idea that's welcome to Allison's "boomer babe" audience. Many women, like Ursula in "One Little Secret," have set aside their dreams to raise children who have now gone off to live their own lives. In this sound clip, Allison has some encouraging words:

You can listen to the interview

Click here to listen to my entire interview with the delightful Allison Bottke:

My interview with Allison Bottke

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