Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What did you say was the baby's name?

The most popular baby names

I have always been fascinated with names and their meanings. Naming my three children--Jonathan, Justin and Elizabeth--was a task undertaken with great care and forethought. I am still just as pleased with those names as I was when we bestowed them. They're classic, non-trendy, and have stood the test of time. (Although I'm not crazy about the tendency everyone, including me, has of shortening Jonathan and Elizabeth. It's pretty much unavoidable.)

Anyway...hat tip to Evangelical Outpost for blogging about a very cool website, especially for those of you who are still naming babies. It's babynamewizard.com

Quoting the site:

"The Baby Name wizard is the first expert guide to every aspect of baby name style. Created by a name-hunting mom, the book uses ground-breaking research and computer models to pinpoint each name’s image and suggest other promising ideas. From popularity to ethnic origins, religious history to pop culture, the Wizard gives you the straight scoop... and helps you find the perfect name for your family’s unique taste."

The BabyNameWizard site even has a blog, which offers up such fascinating tidbits as this:

"Feeling hemmed in by your choices of Aidans, Cadens, Haydens, Braedens and Jaidyns? Welcome the newest addition to this rhyming family, Zayden -- chosen for 224 American boys in 2006."

Oh, and if you think you're hearing about fewer baby girls named "Katrina," you're right. Apparently the hurricane that devastated the Gulf Coast hasn't been real good for the name's PR.

And a surprise favorite in recent years? Nevaeh. It's "heaven," backwards. Quoting the site:

"It's arguably the biggest name phenomenon of the decade, an out-of-thin air creation that has risen to be the 43rd most popular name for American girls in 2006, more popular than Jennifer."

So what are the most popular baby names in America? According to the Social Security Administration, here are the top choices in 2006:

Emily ----Jacob
Emma -----Michael
Madison --Joshua
Isabella- Ethan
Ava ------Matthew
Abigail --Daniel
Olivia ---Christopher
Hannah ---Andrew
Sophia ---Anthony
Samantha- William

So what did you name YOUR baby? Or what are you planning to name him/her? Let me know in my comments section!
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