Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thirteen Things I Love About My Mom

(Originally posted May 2006)

In no particular order...

1) Her name, Cynthia, which she passed on to me (much to my appreciation.)

2) Her beautiful green eyes

3) Her smile--it's dazzling and can light up a room

4) The fact that she doesn't dress in "old lady" clothes

5) The way she would defend her kids to the death

6) Her's incredibly neat and pretty

7) Her cooking--no one can fix a roast, or beef stew, or chicken fried steak as good as she can. Don't even tell me about any other chicken fried steak; hers rules.

8) Her genuine love of the Lord

9) The fact that she's a prayer warrior

10) Listening to her sing around the house. She can get so HIGH (vocally, I mean!)!

11) Her wonderful storytelling ability...she really should write a children's book

12) The way she's so disciplined...why didn't I inherit that?

13) The many ways she shows her love to me

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