Monday, May 07, 2007

Listen to my blog

It was Rodney Olsen of The Journey who gave me the idea of adding sound to my blog.
Rodney is, like me, a Christian radio personality, although he lives and broadcasts in the Land Down Under. He started using to add sound clips to his blog, and I thought that was a great idea.

So now, when I interview someone for my radio show, I will often add a sound clip or two here. I try to make them short, because I know people don't have the time or patience to hunker down for a long interview. I have no idea how many people actually listen to them. If you ever do or have, would you mention it in my comments section?

Anyway, for your listening pleasure, I'm re-posting a few sound clips from the archives.

Katrina survivor pastor Don Elbourne

From a poignant August 24, 2006 interview with Mississippi pastor Don Elbourne, whose church was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina. (2 min. 14. sec.)

9/11 Survivor Sujo John

From a September 6, 2006 interview with 9/11 survivor Sujo John (6 min. 23 sec.):

Author/blogger Justin Taylor

From an October 6th, 2006 interview with author and blogger Justin Taylor about a book he co-wrote with John Piper, Suffering and the Sovereignty of God:

Chip Flaherty of WaldenMedia

From a February 23, 2007 interview with Chip Flaherty of WaldenMedia on bringing Narnia to life on the big screen (1 min. 12 sec):

You can go here to listen to more of my sound clips.

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