Friday, May 25, 2007

Thank the Lord it's FRIDAY!!!!

and, launching Cindy's Book Club!

OK, I know I've been a bad blogger this week. It's just been a really busy week. We have family coming in from California (they're not actually staying with us, but of course you want the house to be in readiness), this is graduation week for the school where my husband is the administrator, we have a wedding to go to tomorrow, etc. But enough excuses. Thankfully, it's Friday, and I'm going to do the Friday Feast:

Name a sound you like to hear.--The sound of my children laughing. They're in their twenties now, but there's no sound that brings me more joy than hearing them laughing and joking together!

What is your favorite kind of cheese?--I think I'd have to say pepperjack. I love it! I don't often buy it, but I ask for it on my sandwiches at Subway. Provolone, Swiss and Colby-Jack are not far behind...

Do you sleep late on Saturday mornings? Why or why not?--Is the Pope Catholic? I sleep till around 9 AM usually, because that is the ONLY day of the week that I don't normally have to set an alarm. On weekdays, I have to get up at 4 AM. Sleeping in on Saturday is a much-anticipated luxury for me.

Main Course
When was the last time you forgot something? What was it, and how long did it take to remember it?--Yesterday. I had a bagful of books that I need to return to the library, and I put them in my car, then spaced it completely as I was doing other errands. I remembered not long after I returned home!

Fill in the blank: I notice ____how beautiful my daughter is________ when __I look at her___________.

Cindy's Book Club

I've just launched a new blog! It's in conjunction with something cool we're trying this summer here at 101QFL. Check out Cindy's Book Club. I like the look of it!

Have a blessed weekend, everyone...and a Happy Memorial Day. My deepest gratitude to all who have fought for our freedom!

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