Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell home with the Lord

Jerry Falwell passed away today. He was my father's contemporary, and they attended Bible college together in the late 50's. Although my dad always pastored small churches and Falwell presided over a megachurch and ministry, he was always gracious and kind whenever they crossed paths.

If your image of Falwell is the wild-eyed radical portrayed by the mainstream media, (the haters are already high-fiving each other across the blogosphere) you should read this beautiful tribute to the man by writer Angela Hunt.

Hunt writes:

"I have never met a man more unafraid to speak up for what is right. I have never met a man who believed so confidently and completely in the Word of God. I have never met a man more willing to cut up . . . if the time was right."

The Family Research Council's Tony Perkins writes:

"A man of conviction, he will be missed for his unique ability to speak the truth even in the face of great opposition. He stood stalwartly for the sanctity of life, marriage, faith, and family.... He was a pioneer whose legacy, marked by courage and candor, blazed the trail for all men and women of conviction to engage--boldly--on the great questions of our day. But he was first and foremost a husband, a father and a pastor."

Read more comments here on the death of Jerry Falwell.

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