Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Things to tell you...

What a wonderful three-day weekend! Yesterday, the Swanson clan had a Memorial Day picnic at the family farm. It was wonderful. We have family visiting from California who we rarely see, and it was just a fantastic day.

Now, just some interesting things to pass along to you...

Portraits of Women in Western Art

I thought this was rather fascinating. Hat tip to The Evangelical Outpost.

Creation Museum Draws Protest

The new Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky (near Cincinnati) opened Monday to crowds of supporters and protesters.

I must say, the presence of the protesters puzzles me. Why would someone take the time to go out and protest a museum that supports the idea of creationism? I mean, how does that threaten you or anyone else? I mean, just exactly what hangs in the balance if you don't believe in the theory of evolution? I don't get it. And that sort of anger and violence against something biblical is scary.

One Woman's Weight Loss Journey

No other word for this than inspiring.

Cindy Sheehan "Quits"

She no longer wants to be the "public face against the US-led invasion of Iraq."

Most inspiring

USA Today has come out with its list of the 25 Most Inspiring People of the past 25 years. Surprisingly, Terri Schiavo is one of them...although they spelled her name wrong.

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