Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Way-back Wednesday

What I was blogging about a year ago...

Continuing my tradition of delving into the archives of Notes in the Key of Life, here's what I was blogging about a year ago...originally posted May 1, 2006:

"take a permanent vacation. you're blog is boring. you write like your cinderella on acid. or june cleaver. you must wear rose-colored glasses a lot."

That was a comment left on the post in which I had explained that I was taking a blogging break while on vacation. Obviously, someone is not a huge fan of my blog. The same person (hello--you leave your IP address when you leave a comment!) left a few other fairly hostile comments on other posts as well.

I had to laugh. First of all, the "Cinderella on acid" comment was genuinely funny to me. But the other reason is because, as a rule, I'm not the most optimistic person in the world.

I have a lot of Irish in me...and it's common knowledge that it's typically Irish to either be in a jubilant mood or be in the pits of a black depression. Maybe I'm not quite that extreme, but I do battle times of being really down in the dumps.

I honestly didn't realize that my blog comes across quite differently. I guess it can often seem somewhat light and trivial, although I firmly maintain that it is often quite serious as well. I could give you concrete proof in the form of links to various posts, but I won't bother.

Quite frankly, I do find it odd that someone would take the time to leave such hostile messages on a blog. If you don't like reading it, that's your perogative, right? Just click elsewhere.

Anyway...what's so wrong with rose-colored glasses? I'm not talking about denial here--it's foolish to duck reality, of course. But I believe we all know how awful everything is. Why wallow in it? Why not try to put a positive spin on things? What's so wrong with trying to have a good attitude about life? What's so bad about trying to make someone smile?

I guess I think it wouldn't hurt to put on those rose-colored glasses every once in a while.

By the way, if any of you would like to join me in Way-back Wednesday and post something you blogged a year ago this week, let me know and I'll link you here!

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