Tuesday, September 30, 2014

31 Days of Blogging: I'm Committing!

31 Days of Gracefully Aging
My blog has been rather hit-or-miss lately...mostly miss.  But today I came across a challenge that will force compel me to blog faithfully, at least for 31 days.

It's called simply "31 days," and it's a challenge to write on one topic in your blog every day in the month of October.

The topic I've chosen is:

Gracefully Aging

I'm on the far side of my 50's...so much so that I can see that big 60 milestone looming in the not-too-distant future.

A while back, I determined to be the best "woman of a certain age" that I can be.  My blog will focus on making the aging experience as beautiful as possible...not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well.

I plan to include, not only tips and advice from experts, but profiles of some of the gracefully-aging women that inspire me most.

Also, plenty of encouragement for those who, like me, want to believe that loveliness is not necessarily a quality that belongs only to the young!

Here's hoping for a successful month of blogging!

Here's a list of each post as it becomes available:

Day One: Modeling Joy

Day 2: Is there an expiration date on beauty?

Day 3: What about cosmetic surgery?

Day 4: Role models! My sister Beverly

Day 5: Wise Words

Day 6:  To gray or not to gray?

Day 7: Role models! Marie-Therese of The French Touch

Day 8:  Using health and fitness to defy your age

Day 9: YouTuber Miss Tammy

Day 10: Hair--The Long and Short of It

Day 11: Charla Krupp's How Not to Look Old

Day 12: Wise Words

Day 13: The Anti-Aging Serum that's Freely Available

Day 14: Blogs! 40+Style

Day 15: Makeup--Is Less More?

Day 16:  A Responsibility to Mentor

Day 17:  A Responsibility to Mentor Part 2

Day 18: Christie Brinkley's Anti-Aging Tips

Day 19:  Wise Words

Day 20: Blogs! Pam of OverFiftyFeeling40

Day 21: Our Aging Parents

Day 22: Our Aging Parents Part 2

Day 23: A makeup tutorial for mature women

Day 24: The Joy of Grandparenting

Day 25: Judy Chapman of Modern and Mature

Day 26:  Great Quotes about Aging Well

Day 27: Losing a Parent

Day 28: Living in an Empty Nest

Day 29: Blogs! Patti of Not Dead Yet Style

Day 30: Helen Mirren

Day 31:  I Did It!


Barb V said...

I'm excited to read your series. I'm on the bottom side of 50 and trying to keep it all together.

Kirstin said...

Love this...I am 45 and after seeing so many women fight aging (trying to look and dress like they are in their 20's) I decided I didn't want to be that woman...I want to age with grace, even though I haven't embraced the 2" grow out of gray hair..lol...can't wait to read your posts and be encouraged.

Anonymous said...

I am 45 too and I would love to age gracefully with you ladies! Thanks for taking this topic on - I look forward to following your posts!

marygems said...

Hi there..I would like to join you on this 31 day journey...how can I subscribe my email please?

I'm nearly 65, and am part of an online group looking at aging intentionally...so look forward to following your posts.

Mary, New Zealand

Lisa said...

I am 51 and started with gray early. I think because of boys!! They did produce some wisdom AND gray hair for me. I am sad when I see older women trying to compete with their teen and twenty something daughters. We don't have to be frumpy! We can be trendy and show our maturity. I decided to let go, save a bunch of money and time and go natural! I have a streak of gray on both sides of my face...and its pretty cool, I think! Women come up to me a lot and ask if my hair is natural or I've had it done. Typically women tell me I'm brave, and they would go natural too if they knew their hair would be pretty. Try it...you might like it!!

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