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My voice has been described as warm, clear, bright, versatile,
appealing and engaging. I can be the caring mom, the trustworthy teacher, the stylish sophisticate, the wide-eyed ingenue, the ditzy young girl, and a host of other voices across the spectrum!

Hi! My name is Cindy Swanson. I am a voice-over artist with extensive experience in several different categories of voice-over work.

Along with being a professional radio personality, I have done:

--radio spots--including ads aired nationally on syndicated radio programs
--voice-overs for television spots

--video narrations, including:
--book trailers
--computer learning courses for one of the world's largest e-learning solutions companies
--corporate training videos
--corporate videos shown at stockholders’ meetings
--travel videos
--how-to videos for equipment, etc.
-- evangelistic ministry videos
-- medical videos, such as videos shown to people preparing for surgery, describing the services of medical facilities,etc.
--prompts for phone message systems and phone surveys
--acting in recorded comedy skits

Listen to my demos at
and my voice123 page...

and for yet more info and testimonials, go to Cindy Swanson Voice-Overs.

"My experience working with Cindy has been absolutely wonderful! Her turn around time is extremely quick, her recordings are always of the highest quality, and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for professional voice-over work!" --Clark Cannon, Mindshare Technologies

Below is a book trailer voiced by Cindy:

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