Monday, October 13, 2014

Gracefully Aging, Day 13: Blogs! 40+Style

Sylvia van der Logt, founder of 40+Style
When I first started searching on the internet, blogs about beauty and style seemed to be pretty much the domain of the very young.

That's definitely not so anymore.  I've found a host of blogs inspiring and informative when it comes to aging gracefully.  One of them is 40+Style.

This from the site:

"Our mission is to show you that you can look gorgeous and experiment with styles and fashion at any age. It’s all about having fun with style and fashion! Too often we get too worried about our wrinkled face, heavier bodies or loosening skin. Having fun with hair and makeup, fashion and new styles can help to make you look better, but also feel more confident and happy.

"Looking good and being stylish is not so much about money, the figure you have or how old you are. It’s about dressing to your strengths, knowing your body type, and knowing and embracing your unique style.

"We hope to help you in your quest to find your own style, dress to your strengths, look fabulous and embrace your age."

Actually not just a blog, it's a full-fledged website with everything from a shop, a forum, style courses, and a newsletter...which is basically how I connect with the site.

You can read more about the site's founder, Sylvia van de Logt, here.

I'm participating in "31 Days: A Writing Challenge,"  in which I 'll be blogging on the subject of Gracefully Aging every day during the month of October.  Click the button below for more information and links to each post as they become available!

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