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Gracefully Aging, Day 4: Role Models! My sister Beverly

My older sister Beverly is at an age where many women have decided that, as far as looking gorgeous, that ship has sailed.

Not my sister.

I won't invade her privacy by telling you how old she is, but if did, you'd be very surprised.

  Bev has been my beauty icon for a long time.  She has sold Clinique and Estee Lauder, which taught her a lot about skin care.

But Beverly says my mom was one of the first to encourage her about skin care.  She tells me, "Skin care is and has always been extremely important to me. I remember once right after I turned 20, and Mother said to me, 'Bev, you are at an age now that you need to think about moisturizing your skin on a daily basis.'  She said that it would keep me looking younger,longer. From then on, I was hooked, and started out with Oil Of Olay."

Bev with her husband, Steve

Beverly's Beauty Regimen

Having used some of the best skin care products, Beverly (like me) often takes advantage of high-end gifts-with purchase...but she's not opposed to using good drugstore products if that fits better with her budget.

"I have a regimen that I do every night of the week. I use a facial cleanser, and this varies, as to what I have on hand at the time. I exfoliate at least twice or three times a week, and I usually buy a Loreal product. I try to use an Estee Lauder cream for my face and throat, for moisturizing, as it is usually more emoliant. I use an eye cream. as well, and use a makeup with an SPF in it. I like to use Estee Lauder products, but there are times that I have to use L'Oreal."

Bev at her most recent birthday with some of her grandsons

Bev never looks like she's trying to look younger, but her clothes are always fashionable and attractive.  One just never sees Beverly looking frumpy or dowdy.

I asked her about her criteria when buying clothes: "I always look for clothing that will make me look slimmer. I like trendy , but have to remember to stay age appropriate. I will almost always have a little cover up to go over a sleeveless top. It it is terribly hot, I will go ahead and show my arms. Its more about comfort.

" I like a little larger than the size that I actually wear, as it is more slenderizing. I don't buy vertical stripes, or polka dots. I despise corduroy.

"I believe that you feel like you look. If I have a lazy day, when I don't apply makeup or get dressed, I feel like a slob all day long. I want to remember this when I retire." Beverly plans to retire from her job as a receptionist in an OB-GYN's office at the end of this year.

Beverly tells me, "My style and beauty icon are Jaclyn Smith, Diane Keaton and Diane Sawyer. They have great style and stay looking as young as they can. My Mother was my beauty icon, and passed away at 80 years old, looking like she was 50."

Beauty from the inside

Beverly exemplifies my belief that inner beauty radiates outward at any age.  She a dedicated Christian, and she's always full of laughter and fun.  She's one of the most enjoyable people to be around of anyone I know.

Her grandchildren (some of whom are grown up) adore her and love to spend time with her.

Beverly is definitely one of my beauty icons...a true example of gracefully aging.

My younger sister Lisa, me and Beverly at Lisa's son's recent wedding

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute to your sister. Lots of good advice for us to follow as well.

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