Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Finally! an update on Evie Tornquist

If you were an Evie fan back in her heyday...basically, the mid to late '70''ve probably wondered whatever happened to the pretty, petite blonde with the golden voice. In fact, it always amazes me that many hits on my website are from people looking for info on Evie (I mention her in my article on Christmas music.)

Well, CCM Magazine actually has an article about Evie in its June issue (although I wasn't able to find it on the magazine's'll have to get a physical copy of the mag to read the story.)

Just thinking about Evie brings back memories of my days at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. I don't think there was a red-blooded guy on campus who didn't have a crush on the little Norwegian songbird. And I just about wore out the 8-track of her "Mirror" album...come on, there were some really good songs on that album! We're talking "Lord Send that Morning," "If Heaven was Never Promised to Me," "Jesus Was There All the Time," and more.

According to the CCM article, Evie left the Christian music scene in 1981, while she was still quite popular. She told CCM in 1996, "Interestingly, people think I got out of it because I started having kids. But toward the end of that time, '79 or '80, I felt somewhat uncomfortable with what was happening. I felt as though my hands were tied in terms of ministry. I wanted more freedom to pursue ministry; but when people pay to hear you sing, you have a responsibility to do what they paid you to do." Evie does say she looks back on that time with pleasant memories, calling them "wonderful experiences."

Evie is 48 now, and lives in Florida with her husband Pelle Karlsson and their children, Kris and Jenny. Says CCM: "The Karlssons have continued their musical ministry as a family over the years, largely out of the limelight."

Evie did appear with Mark Lowry at a concert here a couple of years ago, sponsored by Radio 91. Although I didn't make it to the concert, I saw pics that were taken there, and Evie looked as lovely as ever...and I understand she's still in fine voice.

Too much exercise?

Some interesting viewpoints this morning on 101QFL from a guy who bills himself "Professor Do-Less."

He's actually Brian Todd, an MIT-educated scientist with some ideas that may be controversial to some. "Professor Do-Less" thinks we need only around fifteen minutes of exercise at a time. He says people who run for hours a month don't lose weight and in fact may gain it because of increased hunger and cravings.

Todd also thinks we eat way too many carbs (duh!) and should stop avoiding fact, he leans toward the Atkins diet, although he doesn't think we need to drop carbs altogether. Start with cutting your carb intake in half, he says.

What we really need, according to Todd, is oils containing parent Omega-3 and parent Omega-6. NOT fish oil (although EATING fish is good)...he says the fish oil just has omega derivatives in it and can actually be harmful. Todd gets his oils from sunflower oil tablets or primrose oil tablets, and advocates eating plenty of sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

Todd doesn't think we need a lot of fiber and he thinks anything made from soy is horrible.

Our engineer, JB, thinks the guy is full of it..especially in his disdain for fiber. But after the interview, I got a call from a lady who said primrose oil has changed her life--helped with migraines and alleviating menstrual and menopausal symptoms.

My take on it? Well, I like the less-is-more idea when it comes to exercise (I'm lazy!) And he did sell it all well enough for me to decide I'm going to buy some primrose oil capsules and start snacking on sunflower seeds more often.

I've known all along I eat too many carbs, and I'm REALLY going to try to cut down on those.

Oh, if you want to know more about this guy and his plan, you can go to Body By Science. As with all health and diet info, take it with a grain of salt. (I guess just a grain of salt won't hurt you. :))


Tina said...

Hi Cindy!

All the "diet" stuff is so crazy these days it's hard to keep up. I've been finding myself interested in getting healthy and leaning towards an Atkin's type plan as well. We'll see where the Lord and my body lead me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Jim "JR" said...

I don't know where my head was in the '70's and '80's - probably up my butt! - 'cause I never really discovered Evie until recently. All I can say is *WOW*! She may only be 4' 11" (grin!), but she's got a twenty-foot-tall voice! She could sing the scales off a fish!!

MY big question is this:

Where did all that music GO?!!
You can get 200 CD sets of everything published from 1492 until today, and DVD's of Alice Cooper eating doggie-doo, but if you look for ANYTHING by Evie - just like the Snickers bar, you come up peanuts.
A whole bunch of absolutely nothing.

I can't even find it on the skumware upload sites. . . . I try a web search, and I got a bunch of You-Tube hits (yay!), but I can't buy, or download, the stuff anywhere.

What I DO find is hundreds of comments about how wonderful she "was" - how her voice could charm the birds outta the trees, and what wonderful memories her songs bring back.

I wonder. . . .

Her singing is the kind of "Gospel" I like to hear - charming, up-beat, and maybe not always in 4/4 time - mostly she sang a message of love and salvation, not sin-consciousness and death. She's the kind of testimony we need - it is perfectly OK to be Christian, *AND* be alive and have fun too!

We need to get more of this kind of stuff into circulation, and less of the rappers and comics singing #&*$%@!!!!

What say ye?


Rebecca LaCount said...

I know I'm a few years late, *grin*, but I LOVED Evie. I would listen to her "left over" records from my older sisters over and over again....even with the skips. When I was a teenager, I entered Teen Talent (a competition with the Assembly of God). When I made it to National's they said, "Don't worry if you don't win. Evie sang here and she didn't win... look where she is now!" A few years later, I sang, "Praise You Just the Same." I think that was off the Mirror album too. Ugh!!! Love that song. She was/is so gifted. Love, love her.

Clarence L Musumo said...

I am sure glad i have found people who recall and still long for Evie's music. It helped many of us in our formative years as young Christian believers.
I am looking for a song whose first line begins with, " my life was so empty, all alone....." I don't know whether it was in the Mirror Album or other. Please somebody help me. I have been longing to hear that song for about 30 years now. Please, help!

Clarence L Musumo said...

Ones any one remember a song by Evie' whose first line was something like, " my life was so empty, all alone.." Been searching for it for over 25 years

Unknown said...

I love Evie! She brought me into a personal, real relationship with Jesus! I would like to find ALL of her albums and have them in my car and I'm almost 56!

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