Thursday, April 02, 2009

13 60s and 70s TV actresses I wished I looked like

OK, so this is a repeat, but I originally posted it almost a year ago! Here we go:

I was not a beautiful junior high school student. Let's just say I went through a severe awkward stage. I can vividly remember watching TV shows in the 60's and 70's and wishing I looked like some of those actresses. Here are 13 of them:

Marlo Thomas--"That Girl"

Barbara Eden--"I Dream of Jeannie"

Tina Cole--My Three Sons

Peggy Lipton--The Mod Squad

Maureen McCormick--The Brady Bunch

Barbara Feldon--Get Smart

Sally Field--Gidget and The Flying Nun

Mary Tyler Moore--The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Elizabeth Montgomery--Bewitched

Meredith McRae--Petticoat Junction

Linda Kaye Henning--Petticoat Junction

Lori Saunders--Petticoat Junction

Donna Douglas--The Beverly Hillbillies


Janet said...

I'm with you on Elizabeth Montgomery; loved her eyebrows!

jenn said...

I think Sally Field is beautiful!

Randy Spradlin said...

Good choices. But I always thought you were fine the way you are! God makes no mistakes.

Sherry said...

I wanted my hair to be like Peggy Lipton's, all sleek and sort of stringy. Instead I have lots and lots and lots of hair, not the style in the seventies but nice as I get older.

Daily Panic said...

oh only if we could go back in time...
Firts time here and from your photo you are beautiful just as you are! Happy TT!

Nicholas said...

I used to have a huge crush on MTM!

I think Elizabeth Montgomery looked even better after her Bewitched days. She was a gorgeous, but evil, Lizzie Borden!

Ann-Marie said...

Have you seen Sally Field lately? She still looks amazing. Ah, must be good genes. My mom looks exactly like Mary Tyler Moore in her wedding photos!

Catez said...

I wanted to be Valerie Bertinelli from One Day at a Time for a while. Then I wanted to be her older sister.

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