Friday, January 27, 2012

I've Been Tagged!


One of my favorite bloggers, Pam at over50feeling40, has tagged me with a "get-to-know-the-blogger" thing.  A fun opportunity for (not literally!) navel-gazing. :)

It involves answering 11 questions posed to me by Pam…. then confessing 11 random things about me…and finally asking my own 11 questions of 11 other bloggers. Here we go!

Here are the questions Pam asked me...

1. Name one lesson you have learned from blogging?--That I can come up with  a post that I think is extremely interesting, appealing and well-written, and I won't get one single comment on it...whereas something I just threw on there will get a lot of response! So, patience and trying not to be too competitive, because I'm never going to be a superstar blogger.

2. What makes you smile?--My two grandsons, Payton (almost 5) and Josiah (2).  Even just looking at pictures or videos of them, I'll catch myself with a silly grin on my face!

3. What do you enjoy most about being a woman? many things.  But honestly?  I think I love dressing up and "fixing up." 

4. What is one thing you would tell young girls to remember when they get older?--That EVERYTHING has consequences.  Good and bad.  Too much tanning? You'll have wrinkles way before your time.  Those tattoos that look so cute now?  They're going to look ghastly when you get older...especially that cute little one on your tummy.  Make a good skin care regimen a daily part of your life now? It will pay dividends when you're older.

5. You wish you had learned to : sew and play the piano.

6. Your favorite place in the whole world is: Austin, TX.  Just because that's where so many people  I love are.

7. If you were stuck in an elevator, who would you like to be stuck with: my sisters.

8. The next book you want to read is: I just started my first Elizabeth George mystery (A Great Deliverance)on Kindle, and I checked out the next two in the series from the library.  So it will be Payment Upon Death.

9. Hardwood floors or carpet?--Depends on the room.  I love hardwood floors, but there's something about a nice cushy carpet in a den or family room.

10. Coffee or tea?--Coffee in the morning, but I love a good cup of tea as well.

11. Dresses or jeans?--I really do love dresses, and a comfortable dress can be even more comfortable than a pair of jeans.  But there's a time and a place for both!
And here are the 11 random things about me:

1.  I love the sound of Celtic music.  Even bagpipes.

2.  I started working in radio when I was 19 years old.

3.  I do calligraphy pretty well...I've even been paid to do it!

4.  My favorite kind of movies are romantic comedies that aren't filthy...and sadly, they're few and far between.

5.  My favorite book in the world other than the Bible is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

6.  I like to fly, but I could NEVER jump out of an airplane.

7.  My favorite drink in the world used to be Coca Cola, but I have not had more than a few sips of it since I was diagnosed as Type 2 Diabetic in 2007.

8.  I once covered a murder trial in which the suspect (already a convicted murderer) escaped while being escorted to the courtroom.  (He was found, convicted of that murder, and has since been executed.)

9.  I dream about visiting Ireland, but also England and Scotland.  And Paris!

10.  I've been told I do a really good impression of Dolly Parton singing.

11.  I love to sing.

OK, now I'm going to cheat a little...

Rather than singling bloggers out to tag, I'm going to invite you to answer the questions Pam asked me on your own blog, along with the 11 things about yourself.  If you want to make up questions and tag others, feel free!


Miranda Leigh Braddy said...

Nice getting to know you a little bit! I find the same thing happens when I'm blogging too. You never really seem to get the comments on the things you really take your time to research and/or write about!! Xo.

helen tilston said...

This is a fun post

Please do not give up on writing your interesting and well researched posts.


Bob KAla said...

That is very helpful. It provided me a few ideas and I'll be posting them on my web site eventually. I'm bookmarking your site and I'll be back again. Thank you again!

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