Monday, October 06, 2008

The book trailer I voiced is up!

On a Someday, by Roxanne Henke--from PulsePoint Design

How many movies have you wanted to watch just because the movie trailer was so compelling? Movie trailers have long been a strategic way of selling a film.

Well, now book publishers are realizing the potential, especially with so many people viewing videos online.

As a voice-over artist, I've wanted to get into voicing book trailers for quite some time. The first book trailers I noticed weren't that great, to be honest. They often came off as amateurish, with jarring music and poor production values. And most of them didn't include voice narration--you were just expected to read the words on the screen.

However, when I saw the trailer for BJ Hoff's Song of Erin, I was blown away by just how beautiful and effective a book trailer could be. The trailer--as well as the one for BJ Hoff's new book, Rachel's Secret--was put together by a wonderful company called PulsePoint Design.

Now I'm delighted to have voiced a trailer for PulsePoint. Check it out:

You can read more about Roxanne Henke here.

Books! I read books!!!

I sped through Brandilyn Collins' Dark Pursuit over the weekend. Unputdownable? Uh, yeah...I was up till 2:30 in the morning reading it! More on that book later...

And now I'm reading Jeffrey Overstreet's Cyndere's Midnight, the follow-up to his Auralia's Colors (I blogged about my interview with Jeffrey here.) More on that one later too.

So many books, so little time! Happy Monday, everyone...

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Randy said...


As I've always said, you have the finest female voice in broadcasting I've ever heard. Your trailer VO was tremendous. I hope that you can get "even" more VO's to do. Some could say I'm biased because we have a longtime friendship. Well, sure I am biased, but with that aside, you have an amazing talent.

All the best,


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