Thursday, October 16, 2008

13 things to tell you about...

Happy Thursday Thirteen! It's been a while since I just gave you 13 random thoughts and links. If you're busy surfing Thursday Thirteens, bookmark this one and come back later!

--I never thought I was much of a fantasy fiction fan (apart from the Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings--but Jeffrey Overstreet is one of the authors who have changed my mind on that. I've now finished Overstreet's Cyndere's Midnight, the sequel to his wonderful Auralia's Colors. Wow. Overstreet's beautiful writing and masterful story-spinning kept me turning the pages. Who knew I could care so much about what happens to a beastman?

--Local author makes good: I was happy today to interview Chris Brauns, a local pastor whose book has just been published by Crossway Books. Unpacking Forgiveness is a reader-friendly, engaging and solidly biblical book that tackles a tough subject. Great job, Chris!

--Joe the Plumber--really Joe Wurzelbach of Ohio, mentioned repeatedly during last night's presidential debate--held a news conference today.

--This cremation scam perpetrated by a California family is just creepy...the stuff of horror movies.

--Haven't bought a flat-panel TV yet? That could be good news for you...prices are expected to fall.

--The Love Dare bookwas just a plot device in the box office hit Fireproof until early audiences repeatedly requested copies for themselves. Now, the book has hit #1 on the New York Times Paperback Advice Bestsellers list, and is number 4 on

--Probably my favorite TV show right now? The Biggest Loser.

--Scarcer than hen's teeth? La Shawn Barber blogs about right-leaning celebrities...and goes out on a limb with an election day prediction.

--Curious about the new Star Trek movie? Entertainment Weekly dishes in this article.

--Christian singer Sara Groves wants Christians to get serious about helping victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and violent oppression...and she hopes to spread the word through the Art Music Justice Tour that she's spearheading. Artists on the tour include Brandon Heath, Charlie Peacock, Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken.

Says Groves:

"[Social justice]has been commandeered to mean a political or liberal message. To me it is a Jesus message."

--Actress Janine Turner talks about faith, politics and surgery (hat tip to

--Author Randy Alcorn really wanted to support Obama, but finds he can't after all. He tells why here.

--I think I enjoyed "Wicked" in Chicago even more this time than the last time I saw it. Of course, Dee Roscioli is amazing as Elphaba...but Annaleigh Ashford as Glinda almost stole the show several times. Fantastic!

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Alice Audrey said...

I didn't do any links, but I also did random thoughts.

Mine is here:

Gayle said...

Thanks for the interesting post. I read quite a few of the links, and I could have lived without knowing about the BBQ story! :) Happy TT!

The White House

Nicholas said...

Joe the Plumber is a registered Republican, from an established republican family. I think we can guess which way he is going to vote!

NurseExec said...

Great answers. Have a wonderful Friday :)

Michelle said...

Great TT. I just love fantasy fiction books. I'll have to check this book out. It sounds great. Thanks for stopping by my TT. Take care.

Sue said...

Fun list, but the cremation story was just ghastly! What weirdos! Happy TT

Ann-Marie said...

Wow, the cremation thing took my breath away. Skeezy!

I loved the link to right-leaning celebrities. Recently, I read a blog that featured a YouTube clip of a "Voter Registration" PSA. So, I watched it.

It featured a LOT of famous people, big names, but it was clearly an Obama-focused "ad" not a bi-partisan ad. I was surprised when bloggers from both parties protested the labeling of the ad as just "Voter Registration." Even the Dems said it should be more clearly marked.

It was really well done, though. It would do the Republicans well to do one of their own.

Lori said...

Great info...thanks for the scoop on the TV's...I havent heard about the cremation scam and I dont think I want to know...Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)

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