Thursday, October 30, 2008

13 Things about My Family!

My beautiful grandson, Payton

1. My husband Doug is a gifted teacher and school administrator.

2. My husband sounds like Gene Kelly when he sings.
3. My daughter Elizabeth plays the guitar beautifully.
4. My son Jonathan and his wife Daylyn are the parents of my adorable grandson, Payton, who will be two years old in January.

5. My daughter-in-law, Daylyn, plays the harp like an angel.
6. My son Justin loves to play golf, and I hear he's pretty good.

7. My daughter Elizabeth can do impressions--for example, she does a great Christopher Walken!

8. My husband Doug hates to fly. OK, make that he WON'T fly.
9. My son Jonathan has very naturally curly hair, just like me.

10. My husband and sons are huge Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears fans.
11. My son Justin has the cutest dimples.
12. My sons are both good in math--something they did NOT get from me.
13. My children, like me, all love music passionately and couldn't get through a day without it.

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Alice Audrey said...

My ds is trying to learn to play, but he's still a long ways from beautifully.

My TT is at

Denise Patrick said...

You have a beautiful family. Both my kids are good in math and science. My daughter just started graduate school - she's aiming for a PhD in Math.

Happy TT!

FickleMinded said...

that was so sweet of you to list something about your family.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening Cindy, I have enjoyed getting to know your family with all of your pictures...I have four of my granddaughters in my post today..your grandson Payton is adorable!!Wishing you a happy Halloween. Hugs, Baba

Nicholas said...

How nice to know a bit more about your family.

I've never heard of anyone doing an imitation of Christopher Walken, let alone a woman!

Ganns said...

Who's Gene Kelly?

Payton is so precious!

Juliet said...

Well put together.

Perhaps someday you will do video of Elizabeth on guitar or daughter-in-law playing the harp.

Isn't God so good with all the blessing He gives us our families.

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