Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I talk with author Mindy Starns Clark

Whispers of the Bayou

Today is Word Out Wednesday, and I'm happy to get the word out about a fantastic author! As I blogged about earlier, I recently discovered a writer who has actually been around for a while.

A co-worker loaned me the first in the Million Dollar Mysteries by Mindy Starns Clark, and I was hooked! I love Mindy's writing, her well-drawn characters and her absorbing plots. I still have more to read in the Million Dollar Mysteries series, but I thoroughly enjoyed Mindy's recent stand-alone novel, Whispers of the Bayou.

With its mysterious happenings and romantic setting, this book took me back to the gothic/romantic suspense novels I read voraciously in my younger days...and Mindy told me that's no accident. She explains in this soundclip--and as you'll hear, Mindy and I found some real common ground here!:

I asked Mindy how she is able to give such authenticity to her mystery stories, in this soundclip:

This very versatile woman also wrote a book about organizing your home. Mindy says she's definitely NOT a natural-born cleanie, and she struggled with keeping her home clean. But while writing a book in which the main character was a household hints expert, she had to do a lot of research...and she made some big discoveries:

The result was the book The House That Cleans Itself. You can find out all about Mindy Starns Clark and her books on her website, and you can regularly read her blog, also titled The House that Cleans Itself.

You can also listen to my entire interview with Mindy here.

If you'd like to participate in Word Out Wednesday, all you have to do is blog about something you want to "get the word out" about, and check back with Wondermommy here.


wondermommy said...

That was a great WOW post. Mindy sounds like a wonderful author.

Saija said...

i love it when others share "good authors" ...

i discoverd joel c. rosenberg through glenn beck's show ... and i've really enjoyed his books (i'm reading "the copper scroll" at the moment - 4th in the series)

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