Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday stuff to tell you...

(OK, yeah, I know they didn't win on Tuesday...)

Today is Word Out Wednesday, and I have several things I'm getting the word out about today...

--You're either a Cubs fan or a Sox fan. You don't get to be both.

--Two little girls that are way too young to drive are nevertheless protesting high gas prices.

--A retired Air Force sergeant is sending a taste of Chicago to the troops, deep-dish pizza style.

--"Lost" won several "Saturn" awards. (Nothing to do with the's a sci fi award.)

--The inimitable La Shawn Barber is blogging about politics again, after going quite a while blogging about...well, other things. In my humble opinion, this is where she really shines. Here, La Shawn talks about Obama's biblical interpretation (which was the focus--no pun intended--of Dr. Dobson's Focus on the Family show Tuesday.)

--I was delighted to get an advance copy of Angela Hunt's The Face in the mail today! Can't wait to dive in. A new novel by Angie is always a rare treat.

--I've also been reading novels by authors who popped up when I Googled "writes like Rosamunde Pilcher." So far, Marcia Willett is my favorite. Have I told you that I love--and have always loved--novels set in the UK? I don't know why except that I did go to a British school for a couple of years as a child in Beirut, Lebanon.

--A reason for joy during an otherwise bleak period in the life of the Steven Curtis Chapman family.

Anyone can participate in "Word Out Wednesday"--just blog about anything you'd like to get the word out about, and report back here.


wondermommy said...

Those are a lot of great things to get the word out about. Thanks for sharing all of them!

SmilingSally said...

Please inform me: how to get an advance copy of Angie's The Face?

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