Thursday, June 05, 2008

13 Things to Tell You About

Yep, I'm continuing my recent Thursday Thirteen theme of giving you 13 links to things I deem interesting and hope you will too! If you're visiting TT's and don't have time to linger, bookmark this site and come back later to check out the links.

Here we go:

1) Baptist Press has an interview with Kirk Cameron about his new book, Still Growing. BP's Phil Boatwright calls the book, along with Willie Aames of Eight is Enough's book, Grace is Enough, "a one-two punch in the solar plexus of child stardom."

2) Parents Magazine is looking for the Cutest Kid in America. (Hat tip to Dena Dyer of Mother Inferior)

3) Franky Schaeffer, son of Christian theologian and philosopher Francis Schaeffer, is a lifelong Republican--but he wants Obama to win.

4) For those of you who are already suffering "Lost" withdrawal, a few tidbits. First of all, did you know there's a band called Previously on Lost? They actually sing songs re-capping episodes of the show. And...

5) Blogger Jason Hunter believes:

The LOST series revolves around the use of a quasi-conventional time machine. All of the "mysteries" that the show presents can be explained through an understanding of how this time machine is used.

Find out more...or just get more Hunter's Time Loop Theory.


6) Harold Perrineau, who played Michael on "Lost," is attempting to clarify some race-related comments he made about his (second) exit from the show.

7) Tomorrow is National Donut Day...and it seems there are some free donuts involved.

8) The 25 people who changed food in America. (Yes, John Kellogg of Corn Flake fame and chocolate tycoon Milton Hershey are there, but so are Thomas Jefferson and Upton Sinclair.)(hat tip to

9) Do you love flip-flops? You may be hurting your feet.

10) Is "Sex and the City" misogynistic? Joe Carter of the Evangelical Outpost thinks so.

11) "If you blog about something and nobody reads it, is it really a blog?"--That's just one of the witty blogging questions Carol is asking at She Lives.

12) What would the Garfield comic strip be like without fact, without anyone but Jon? This site shows you.

13) Robin Jones Gunn's enjoyable new novel, Sisterchicks Go Brit, has only affirmed my longtime dream of going to England (and Ireland, and Scotland...) Speaking of enjoyable fiction, I recently finished Mindy Starns Clark's Whispers of the Bayou and did an interview with Mindy, which I will blog about soon!

Happy Thursday to all!


MInTheGap said...

Thanks for the information. My TT's up under my pseduonymn, Peter Plum.

Ann-Marie said...

I don't know a lot about Kirk, but he's become the unofficial representation of "Christians" in mainstream media. In the past WEEK, I've seen at least three refrences to Kirk and "the Christians" in main stream media. I'm so grateful he seems to be a balanced individual who takes a lot in stride.

Denise Patrick said...

Very interesting list. I'll have to come back and read more, but right now I'm taking a break at work.

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Juliet said...

Well Cindy, I took the time to at least read Franky Schaeffer article about him wanting Obama to win.

To me it is sad that you lose friends (such as the Bushes) when perhaps you could have added a friend. ..Such as Obama. But politics can do that to friendships.

Time will tell if Obama will really be good for the country or not..but we all know at all times...God is the One in control of ALL THINGS.

Carol said...

And guess who's blogging from Austin this week?!?!!? Kind of hot and really windy down here right now. It's like being in a food dehydrator or something.

Great T-13, Cindy. So very informative!

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