Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've got more stuff to tell you...

...than Carter's got pills!

I realize that my posts lately have been of the throwing-a-bunch-of-links-at-you variety, but I just keep running across interesting things to share! So here we go again:

--Today on the 101QFL morning show, Darren and I talked about antiquated phrases. You know, like "roll up the window" or "dial the phone"--things that just don't apply anymore.

We had listeners call in with their own phrases and questions. One guy wanted to know what older people mean when they say things like, "We've got more left-overs than Carter's got little liver pills!" I've heard my own mom use that reference a time or two. I had to check it out, and sure enough, here's the scoop on Carter's little pills, and here's where you can listen to an old-time radio commercial for them.

--Can exercise help prevent addiction to drugs or alcohol? Maybe.

--Holy gadgets! The new iPhone has been unveiled. (I would be content with a cell phone that could hold a charge...)

--The church that brought us "Facing the Giants" will release "Fireproof" in September. From Baptist Press:

Fireproof chronicles the impact of selfishness, financial struggles, emotional adultery and Internet pornography on the seven-year marriage of firefighter Caleb Holt and his wife Catherine, a public relations executive.

It stars Kirk Cameron and Erin Bethea. More on the movie's official website. It also has a companion site that deals with marriage.

--A couple of fun memes--one at Talk to Grams! and one at Stray Thoughts.

--How are our favorite TV characters dealing with gasoline prices? USA Today Pop Candy links to this list of TV characters who would be feeling the pinch...and Whitney of Pop Candy comes up with her own list of characters who wouldn't be worried about it at all.

Is it only Tuesday? *sigh*...


Ann-Marie said...

Yeah, we PR execs are usually in trouble in any movie we end up in! :-) Thanks for the link list! Outdated phrases I remember are "Hold the phone." "All that and a bag of chips" and the lame "Psych your bike!"

Talk..to..Grams said...

"Now your cooking with gas"!! I am always saying this! My girls think this is Quaint!!

By the way, I had the same last name as you at one time!!!! That is why when I saw yours I went nuts!!
My Grandfather was born in Sweden in 1862 and came through Boston in the 1880's and settled in Iowa. My Grand Mother was born here but her folks were from Sweden, too.

My Grandpa's Fathers name was Swan Danielson and that is how we were Swanson's! There you have it!!
How fun is this!! Love and hugs Grams

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