Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stuff to tell you....

My son Justin, daughter Elizabeth and nephew Nathan--vacationing in Port Aransas, Texas--decide to do a happy/sad contrast

You say "tomato"..."John Adams"..."Planet Earth"...Geeky pranks...and more...

Well, the weekend AND Monday went by with no post from me! I have a plethora of links for you to check out though, should you be so inclined...

--Can we eat tomatoes yet? Which ones are safe and which aren't? Get the latest info at fda.gov.

--I haven't seen the John Adams HBO series yet, but I want to even more now that I've read B.J. Hoff's review.

--These are pretty funny: The Top 10 Harmless Geek Pranks (hat tip to Evangelical Outpost.)

--From Tim Challies: 9 Things I Learned About God from "Planet Earth."

While the producers of the series are not Christians (or do not claim to be Christians) and while the films were not meant to draw attention to God, as I watched them I was continually drawn to marvel in the greatness of the Lord. As the films provided a tour of so many beautiful locations and as they gave close-up shots of such incredible creatures, I saw the hand of a Creator. I saw it everywhere.--Tim Challies

(Makes me want to see it.)

--Olympics on the Go: You will be able to watch the Olympics on your laptop via Windows Vista Media Center.

--For those of us who take the Bible literally, this Pew report on religion in American life includes some troubling findings.

--You know the Eckhart Tolle book, A New Earth, the one that Oprah is vigorously promoting? Well, Richard Abanes has written a Christian response to it: A New Earth, An Old Deception.

--Are you sick of hearing the F-Word? Well, how about re-inventing it? More magazine is sponsoring a contest that challenges you to describe yourself with an F word (fit, funny, fabulous?) Oh, that other F-word? Not allowed.


Reformed Grits said...

Hi Cindy! I had to comment about John Adams... We got this on Netflix, believe it or not and I was thrilled to get to watch it with my 6 children! Educational, you know.

Well it was more education than I bargained for. There is a scene with full frontal male nudity in it.

Just fair warning. It's not in a sensual way but nevertheless it's there and I was NOT prepared for that.


Cindy Swanson said...

Whaaaa???? Wow, I did NOT know that, RG!

Kay Day said...

I loved Planet Earth! You must see it.
It absolutely filled me with awe for our great God. It is amazing. Have I said enough?
That song "from the highest of heights to the depths of the sea, creations revealing His majesty.." circled though my mind the entire time I was watching.
Now I've said enough.

Ann-Marie said...

Oh man, do I get tired of hearing the F-word! It's everywhere these days. The other day I heard a kid, 9-10 years old, say it in the store! Thanks for the tip - finding a better way to speak is always appreciated!

Cameron Cloud said...

Thanks for your visit and comment.

As for JA, I just got my set in the mail today. There are two "incidental nudity" scenes (episodes 1 and 7) that keep me from a full endorsement, but apart from those two brief moments, the series is outstanding. David McCullough's writing, historical accuracy, and excellent casting make it well worth seeing.

Of course a couple of cameo appearances by a little known pastor/blogger as a "background artisan" (extra) add to its appeal as well. ;)


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

So glad you stopped by...I love meeting new people. :)

What a fantastic and informative blog you have! And your kids are are gorgeous and look like so much fun! I'll be back to visit.

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