Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Jane Kirkpatrick's "A Mending at the Edge"

Today is Word Out Wednesday, and I'm delighted to get the word out about Jane Kirkpatrick's A Mending at the Edge.

Jane Kirkpatrick is one of my very favorite novelists, Christian or otherwise, and I was delighted to interview her recently about this, the third and final book in the Change and Cherish Historical Series.

I especially appreciate my interview with Jane, because she had to go to the top of a mountain near her Oregon home to make it possible! Her home phone was acting up due to a recent power outage, and she couldn't get her cell phone to work in her home. What a trouper!

I've blogged previously about Jane's writing:

From the time I picked up Jane's book, A Sweetness to the Soul,I realized that here was a very remarkable Christian author. Her beautiful,lyrical writing style would grace any writing genre...Few authors possess such a gift of evoking a mood or capturing a description sheerly through finely crafted wordsmithing and absorbing storytelling.

I was also delighted to provide endorsement comments that appear on the flyleaf of the second book in this series:

A Tendering in the Storm is one of Jane Kirkpatrick’s most compelling novels yet–and that’s saying something! With her skilled and lyrical writing, Kirkpatrick brings to vivid life the beauty and severity of pioneer living, a complex provocative villain, and a story that grabs the reader and won’t let go. But most of all, Emma Giesy emerges as a remarkable heroine: appealing and vulnerable, but possessing tenacious courage and true strength. This book kept me turning pages far into the night!

In our interview, Jane told me that she's thrilled that A Mending at the Edge was nominated for a Christy award. Listen to her comments.

In this clip, Jane talks about how she searches out historical facts, data and trivia to flesh out the characters in her historical novels.

You can listen to the entire interview here.

Find out more about Jane Kirkpatrick and her wonderful books at her website.

And feel free to read my reviews of some of her previous books:

A Name of Her Own/Every Fixed Star

A Clearing in the Wild

(You can participate in Word Out Wednesday simply by blogging about anything you want to get the word out about, and checking back here!)


Jane said...

Hi Cindy,
Thanks for the clips and reviews of my titles over the years. I'd actually forgotten that we did that interview on my cell phone on top of the ridge. The cell phone NEVER works at home because we're in a canyon; but that day we had extra problems with no power and thus, no phone! Glad we could work it out and thank you for your kind words always about my writing. Your own writing is pretty spectacular too! Love the blog. Have a great week! Warmly, Jane

Ann-Marie said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Cindy. It goes on my!

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