Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Men in Ties

James Stewart

Cary Grant

Are neckties going the way of the buffalo?

Just after Father's Day--the day probably most associated with the giving of ties--USA Today questions whether the necktie will "hang on" much longer.

The story reports that "the recent decision by the Men's Dress Furnishings Association--the trade group for America's neckwear makers--to shut down has some folks tied up in knots."

Admittedly, we're living in the day of Casual Friday....and Monday...and Tuesday...etc. The tie is not the icon it used to be. The story cites a Gallup poll that found just 6 per cent of men wearing neckties to work each day, down from 10 per cent in 2002. More than two-thirds of the men surveyed said they never wear a tie to work.

However, there are still men who enjoy dressing up and looking sharp. "When you wear a tie it still says ... you're dressed for the occasion," the story quotes Amy Klaris, a retail strategist at consulting firm Kurt Salmon Associates.

I can sympathize with men who think a tie feels like a noose around their neck. I don't know if I would enjoy wearing one all the time, just as, being a woman, I wouldn't want to have to wear high-heeled shoes all the time. However, I do think my husband looks gorgeous when he's dressed up in a suit and tie...and I would hate to see the necktie die out completely.

Here are some photos of various famous men in ties.

What do you think?

Tiger Woods

Matthew Fox

Josh Holloway

Russell Crowe


Kay said...

I love to see a man dressed up! But I have often wondered who first decided to tie a piece of fabric around their neck and call it fashionable... It is a strange practice, really.

BTW, I saw bow ties in Nordstroms or somewhere like that the other day!

Terry Lange said...

It may appear that the culture at large is ditching the necktie, but there are enough people out there who will still wear them, that they will not completely disappear.

Barbara said...

I love for my husband to dress up in a suit and tie! It makes men look distinguished.

I think there will always be occasions were most men will wear a tie. Hopefully, they won't quit making them. My grandson plays soccer for the high school. When they go to another school, they were required to wear slacks, shirt, and tie and change after they got to the other school. They always looked so neat! And it gets the kids in the habit of dressing up occasionally.

Solameanie said...

I personally think neckties were designed by Torquemada.

Another problem I have. My neck is too large for the size shirt I wear. If I get a shirt with a large enough neck, the sleeves are too long. They used to have extenders for necks, but they're increasingly hard to find.

So I either wear turtlenecks or just an open shirt. I'll wear a tie to a funeral, but that's about it.

Ann-Marie said...

Josh Holloway would look good in a suit made out of garbage. But he looks extra yummy in a tie. (and no garbage)

LifeTrek said...

I love ties -- I have worn a tie virtually every day of my working life, most recently by choice!

It is one of the few acceptable ways for men to be bold in dress clothes.

I also love the way ties look on men.

Mommyluann said...

My dad ALWAYS wore a necktie selling insurance and at church. ALWAYS!

Totallyscrappy said...

I love a man in a tie. When my husband graduated from seminary he moved on to collars, but I still love to see him in a tie once in a while.

Randy said...

I will always believe in ties. Even when one of our co-workers at the station begged us all to go to tieless attire, I still wore one a lot. Maybe you remember that. I still believe that a tie is a standard of professional dress and should be. Sure, I did tire at times of them, but if a man wears the proper neck size shirt, you can get used to the tie. However, I come from the old school of thought.

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