Monday, October 20, 2014

Gracefully Aging, Day 20: Blogs! Pam of Over50Feeling40

Pam Luttrell of OverFiftyFeeling40

"Every time we get dressed each day, we are sending a message to ourselves as well as the outside world.  If I throw on a large, over sized T-shirt and do not fix my hair or makeup, then the message to me and others is that I don't care or matter.  If I go to the wacky extreme, then I am saying I want attention and do not feel confident in my skin...though it might appear to the world the exact opposite."
Definitely one of my biggest inspirations in my quest to be the best "woman of a certain age" that I can be is Pamela Luttrell of Over50Feeling40.

Pam writes:

"..when I turned fifty and began to look at my adult children moving on, I had to ask this question of myself again.  In my remaining years, who do I want to be?  The last eleven years of my life have been about moving toward that answer.

"Reinvention is one of those concepts discussed by some books and seminars as if a magic wand can touch your head and suddenly change the course of life.  The truth is reinvention requires perseverance, determination, and those precious ticks of the clock we are so aware of now."

Reinventing yourself

For Pam, reinventing herself included taking a good long look at how she was dressing and what her hair and makeup said about the image she was presenting to others.

Her new attitude has resulted in a successful blog, appearances and speaking engagements, and partnerships with department stores and other businesses.

Do you need to "reinvent yourself" as you mature? If you feel you do, Pam has 5 (practical, common sense, doable)  Tips for Personal Reinvention here.

And if you would appreciate guidance, suggestions and inspiration in your gracefully-aging years, I can't recommend Over50Feeling40 highly enough!

I'm participating in "31 Days: A Writing Challenge,"  in which I 'll be blogging on the subject of Gracefully Aging every day during the month of October.  Click the button below for more information and links to each post as they become available!


Brunner said...

Just love this! Love that you recognize the two extremes. So good for me to hear because I seem to swing back and forth without grounding.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Cindy, you are such a sweetheart!! Thank you for your kind words...I am so inspired by women just like you! I have this link featured on my blog today and look forward to reading more of your series! Thank you so much!

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