Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gracefully Aging, Day 18: Christie Brinkley's Anti-Aging Tips (some may surprise you!)

Christie Brinkley posing with her daughter Sailor

It's hard to believe that supermodel Christie Brinkley turned 60 years old in February 2014.  She's still gorgeous, and if she's had any "work done," it's certainly not obvious!  Plus her figure is still swimsuit-worthy by anyone's standards.

A recent Huffington Post article culled some quotes from Christie from around the web.  Here are a few of her anti-aging tips...and as I said, one or two may surprise you.

Smile.  Christie recently told Prevention Magazine, "The mere act of putting your lips in that position tells your body to release chemicals that instantly make you feel better."

(I totally agree with this, and I firmly believe smiling can take years off your face.)

Hair extensions. Christie told HuffPost style that she wears 16-inch clip-in hair extensions almost every day. According to the article, "Brinkley uses the hair pieces to add body and highlights to her thinning locks, which instantly reverses the signs of aging hair."

"I think of it as a choice," she's quoted as saying.  "Do I want to put in the time or do I just want to put in the hair? Literally, it's just click, click, click,"

Eat sensibly, but allow yourself the occasional treat. "Go ahead and have the Kit Kat at the movies. If you don't satisfy an urge sometimes, you often substitute less-satisfying things and end up eating more."  She does believe in eating three meals a day, and says she snacks on things like melon and nuts.

Make working out fun.  Christie works out regularly, but she believes in changing things up often to avoid boredom.

Exfoliate daily.  She told People Magazine, "I’ve done it since I read that guys look years younger because they shave,"

When she was featured in People Magazine shortly before her 60th birthday, Brinkley wrote on Instagram; "I never would would have imagined this is how I would be celebrating my 60th …But Thank you PEOPLE Magazine for hopefully sending the message that with proper diet , exercise ,and joie de vie, every Birthday is cause for Celebration!”

Sounds like a good philosophy to me!

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