Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Revisiting a teenaged crush...

In 1971, I was in my freshman year of high school. I had a big crush on my best friend's older brother and on a TV star named Pete Duel, one of the stars of the TV show, "Alias Smith and Jones."

Something came up in a conversation yesterday about that show, and I was suddenly I back in 1971, my romantic teenaged heart beating with unrequited love for Vic Reeves and Pete Duel. I don't know whatever happened to Vic Reeves...the last I heard he was married and living in Wisconsin...but Pete Duel took his own life on December 31, 1971. He would have been 64 years old today.

I found this link to a story about Duel's untimely death, which includes a quote from his younger sister saying that he never would have committed suicide if he hadn't been drinking at the time. Interestingly, the sister, Pamela Deuel Hart, became a Christian recording artist whose songs we played here on 101QFL years ago.

Any of you remember Pete Duel and Alias Smith and Jones? Apparently a lot of people do, judging by these sites I was able to find about them.

Another balanced view of "The Passion of the Christ"...

From Phil Johnson of John MacArthur's Grace to You and The Spurgeon Archive. another angle on Mel Gibson's controversial movie, which debuts in theaters tomorrow.

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