Monday, August 28, 2006

What inspired your blog name?

I recently discovered, and have since been continually delighted by, Barb's A Chelsea Morning blog.

Well, Barb has come up with a terrific idea. She wants you to post about what inspired your blog's name. Writes Barb: "Does it have some special meaning to you? Is it just a clever play on words? Do you think when people arrive at your place your blog name tells them something about you that you want them to know right away?"

She suggests you post about your blog's name, then go back to her blog and link it.

My blog's name is based loosely on a Stevie Wonder album that was popular when I was a young woman, called "Songs in the Key of Life." I always thought that was such a clever title. I knew I wanted my blog to be about, and celebrate life. The "Notes" is a play on words--it could mean musical notes or the notes I'm writing in my blog.

Truth be told, if I were doing it all over again, I would probably name my blog something more identifiable with me, as La Shawn Barber has done with her "La Shawn Barber's Corner." But I still like "Notes in the Key of Life," and it'll do.

How about you? What inspired your blog name?

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