Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thirteen Things about "Copwriter" Mark Mynheir and his "Truth Chasers" Series

"Cop Writer" Mark Mynheir

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Mynheir, author of Rolling Thunder and From the Belly of the Dragon. The books combine realistic, fast-paced action scenes, suspense and law enforcement situations with spiritual truth.

Here are 13 interesting things about Mark and his "Truth Chasers" series:

1. Mark is a former US Marine who says a career in law enforcement seemed to be a natural transition from the military.

2. Mark didn't become a Christian until five years into his police career, when he says a health crisis involving his son caused him to reflect on his life and "drove him to his knees."

3. Mark has dealt with learning disabilities such as dyslexia and never thought he would be capable of writing a book.

4. Mark's wife encouraged him to go back to school to help deal with his learning problems and upgrade his education.

5. Mark has been a SWAT team member and worked as a homicide detective and undercover narcotics agent, and is still a working police officer.

6. Mark encourages aspiring writers to go to writer's conferences. He credits the Florida Writer's Conference with helping him find an agent and an editor, and eventually get his books published.

7. Mark's book Rolling Thunder deals with John Russell, who has to deal with the issue of forgiveness while investigating the case of a missing child.

8. Mark got the idea for Rolling Thunder while listening to a Focus on the Family radio show about a man in his 40s who was traumatized by childhood abuse.

9. In From the Belly of the Dragon, the story focuses on John Russell's partner, Tim Porter, and his daughter's involvement in a cult--as well as a case John and Tim are investigating concerning a young man missing from the cult's compound.

10. Mark has written several articles for Focus on the Family's magazine for teen boys, Breakaway.

11. Mark says technology has played a big part in overcoming his learning disabilities: "Using computers and typing have been a tremendous help in compensating for my learning disabilities. I still have to be careful because I will always struggle in this area, and I rely heavily on spell-check, but, hey, I’m writing. That’s all that counts."

12. You can find out more about Mark and his books by going to his website.

13. You can listen to a an approximately one-minute excerpt from my interview with Mark (you may need to click twice):

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