Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday Madness

Blogging on the fly today, so just enough time for Monday Madness. Answer the questions in my comments section or on your own blog!

1. How many "people" pictures do you have displayed in your house?
About 15, not counting my daughter's room where she has several, and not counting a big collage of family pics. I plan to add at least one more collage. I love pictures of my friends and family, but don't have a lot of surfaces to put them on on areas to hang them!

2. How many times a month/year do you rearrange your furniture?--I used to rearrange frequently in my old house, but don't do it much at all in my new house. The exception: I moved the livingroom furniture around at Christmas to make room for the tree.

3. Do you check your email every day? If so, how many times a day?
Many times while at work, since much of my work revolves around e-mail. Maybe once a day at home.

4. How often do you generally look at a clock/watch on any given day?--Too often to count! My radio job is run by the clock, and away from work I often need or want to know what time it is.

5. How do you handle telemarketer phone calls?
--I haven't gotten one in ages. I signed up for the do-not-call list, plus we only use cell phones now. I answered a couple for my mom while in Texas, and I was really annoyed at them, especially the ones who try to sound real but they're pre-recorded. Instant hang-up!

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