Friday, August 18, 2006

Is this picture for real?

Cindy Swanson, CyberSnoop; Bad Poetry Day; the Left Behind computer game; and some Thurday Thirteeners that tickled my funny bone

The stunning picture above is circulating the internet via e-mails right now, with the claim that it was taken during a spate of tornadoes in Sedalia, Missouri in March of this year. Is it for real? Find out by listening to this ( :58) Cindy Swanson, CyberSnoop:

And stuff...

Did you know that this is Bad Poetry Day?

And what constitutes bad poetry? I found this poem on a website for writers a couple of years ago:

"How To Spot Bad Poetry

A page despoiled with thee’s and thines
To hide the vacuum of the lines
Cryptic phrase and twisted verse
Trite filagree agrandized dearth

Derivative style and poorly thought
Hackneyed image baneful wrought
Playing obvious slave to insipid rhyme
Like I did in these last four lines

Word stumbles on top of word
Myriad follow the pointless first
Saying nothing new in no new way
Bowed below unearn’ed bay."

Wow, that sums it up pretty well.

The Left Behind Computer Game

I must admit, I dropped out of the popular apocalyptic "Left Behind" series after the first couple of books. I guess I just lost interest, although I'm happy for any good the books have done for the Kingdom.

However, I have a problem with what I've heard about the new "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" computer game soon being shipped to churches nationwide.

Religion Roundup reports that the game is set in New York City after the world's Christians have disappeared in the Rapture. "The player, who's been left behind, must either convert or kill unbelievers."

I have to agree with Miami attorney Jack Thompson, who is a Christian and is quoted as being dismayed that "the game is about killing people for their lack of faith in Jesus."

UPDATE: See my comments section, where Jonny has a link to a different take on the game.

Funny Thirteeners

First of all, a question. I've been participating in the Thursday Thirteen meme for several weeks now, and I try to visit quite a few of the other participating blogs and leave my "calling card" there. But HOW in the world do some of the Thirteeners garner 45 or 50 comments to their list? I think my personal best has been, well, 13.
Just curious.

Anyway,in the course of participating, I've been introduced to some great blogs (and some not so great, which I find personally offensive and I won't be visiting again.)

Here are a couple that made me laugh out loud yesterday:

Bloggin' Outloud's Thirteen Ice Breakers Not to Use in your next small group meeting

A Chelsea Morning's You Might Be a Blogaholic If...

These are instant classics, in my book!

Wish me Happy Anniversary...

Tomorrow is my 28th wedding anniversary, but I probably won't be blogging tomorrow. Happy anniversary, Wugs. I love you!

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