Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thirteen Pics from the Family Reunion

Thought I'd share 13 pics from the 1st Annual Garrett Family Reunion--Round Rock, TX, August 2006! Just click on each photo to see a caption.

Just a note: Lisa and Bev are my sisters; Elizabeth is my daughter; Jon is my son and Daylyn is my daughter-in-law. Few of my pics turned out well, so there are none there of my gorgeous husband Doug or my handsome son Justin. Also, my beautiful mom shows up in only one pic--the "Women Be Shoppin'" one. I took these with a disposable time I'll make sure to use a digital one. Live and learn!

Anyway, the Family Reunion was awesome.

UPDATE 8/23/06:The slide show has been removed, but the pics can be viewed here.

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