Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thirteen Thoughts and Questions

Completely random, but perhaps of interest?

1. We need RAIN. I thought we were going to get some today, but after some insignicant drops. it pretty much bypassed us.

2. I really like the biblical word loving-kindness.

3. Do you think Wellesley would make a cute name for a girl, or is it a bit much? I kind of like it. I've heard of little girls named Paisley, Ainsley and Sinclair. My own adorable little niece is Channing. (Feel free to share cool names in my comments section.)

4. Do you drink your tap water, or do you buy bottled? I buy bottled.

5. I love romantic comedies, like "You've Got Mail." Why don't they make more movies like that?

6. What's the best movie you've seen lately, and why did you like it?

7. Big prayer request: my son Justin needs a job.

8. My husband is just as attractive to me--even more so--than when we got married 28 years ago.

9. I could be wrong, but I'm leaning toward thinking John Mark Karr is full of it.

10. This is the part of summer where I'm actually kind of looking forward to fall.

11. This is one of the most enjoyable blogs I read on a regular basis. It's refreshingly honest and often delightfully humorous.

12. Please give me your very best diet tip.

13. And please, when you have a moment, read my post below about Mississippi pastor Don Elbourne and how his small church has fared in the year since Katrina destroyed its facilities and the homes of all its members. Can you believe it's been a year?

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