Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Sad about Sammy Sosa

I'll admit it, I'm not the biggest sports buff in the world. My sons have told me I shouldn't do two things: rap, or talk about sports. I come off sounding a little silly when I do either of those things.

But I can't let the fact of Sammy Sosa leaving the Chicago Cubs go by unnoticed. I've been married to a die-hard (and I do mean die-hard) Cubs fan for nearly 27 years; been the mother of two Cubs fans for almost that long. I'd have to be a zombie for some of that Cub fan-dom not to rub off on me at least a little bit.

When I first started blogging in October of 2003, the Cubs were on the brink of going to the World Series, and I was at the height of my fairweather-fan-ness. I even blogged about my disappointment when they didn't make it.

Though most of the time I can take or leave baseball, I have not been immune to the little thrill of hope that always occurred whenever Sammy stepped up to the plate. I've been there in the stands at Wrigley Field, feeling that excited anticipation. So, yes, I am sad that he won't end his career in a Cubs uniform.

Others think it's past time for him to go.

My son Jonathan has been mulling the Sammy trade in his blog: "Sammy could get into real great shape and put together some monster years, but he won't. Sammy lacks respect and understanding for the game, his own team, and his own legacy, and for that reason he deserves no respect and understanding in return."

In a later post, Jon said he may have been a bit harsh: "He could come back this year for the O's and really prove me wrong. I really hope he doesn't."

And hat tip to Jonathan for this Gene Wojciechowski article about Sammy.

April will come again (may it be soon, Lord!), and spring will return to Wrigley Field. Sammy won't be there. But my husband and sons and a million other fans will still be watching and hoping...and life will go on.

Other stuff:

Potty rooms in Illinois and Wisconsin are in the running for America's Best Restroom. Last year, one of our neighbors to the north was the winner of the contest...the Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan.

This year, the Red Light Restaurant in Chicago and Renee's Red Rooster and Sunset Grill in Stevens Point, Wisconsin are among the finalist. You can go to the site and vote it you like!

Cincinnati-based Cintas is presenting the award for the fourth year. From the site:
"It is a very private experience that happens in public places all over the world. Whether at a restaurant or a rest area, a high-rise office building or a 'nice clean gas station,' everyone at some point makes use of public facilities.

"The reality is that public restrooms matter to the public. The way a business or building treats its facilities is a reflection of its operating standards."

Well, I'm all for clean restrooms!

Moody says farewell to Dr. Joseph Stowell

AP's Religion Roundup reports that students, faculty and alumni paid tribute to departing Moody Bible Institute president Dr. Joseph Stowell in a service last night.

Stowell (who happens to be a Cedarville University alum) has served as MBI president for 18 of the college's 119-year history. I've been blessed by listening to Stowell early in the morning on his Proclaim radio broadcast, and also in person at a 2003 Rekindling the Romance seminar. I like his calm, wise, practical and humorous demeanor.

Stowell's leaving to be a teaching pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel near Chicago. His successor is to be announced later today.

(For more on the transition, read here. )

A must-read

Be sure and check out The Wittenberg Gate today...Dory's Worldview Test is not to be missed.

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