Thursday, February 17, 2005

OK, American Idol really starts to get good now...

This is where contestants begin to emerge into the spotlight...where we really get to see who has star power and who doesn't.

Since I've missed bits of the show here and there, I haven't really established a female favorite yet. I'm leaning toward Nadia Turner.

As far as the guys go, I've been drawn to Constantine Maroulis from his very first audition. Partly I think it's because he defies the cookie-cutter Idol image, and partly (I didn't say this has to make any kind of sense) because he's Greek-American, and so am I. (Well, one-quarter. My maternal grandfather's last name was Zarafonetis.)

I love music, I love singing, and I love what Simon Cowell calls in his uppity posh English accent "the com-pe-ti-tion." I'm not much of a TV viewer, but in these maddeningly long and tedious last weeks of a Northern Illinois winter, "Idol" gives me something to look forward to. Let the com-pe-ti-tion begin!

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