Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

My beautiful daughter Elizabeth was born 18 years ago today.

It doesn't seem possible...18 years? If I close my eyes, I can still feel the shocked elation I experienced when I heard the words, "It's a girl!"

(By the way, fewer and fewer new parents will experience that feeling on their child's day of birth. It seems most everyone knows months in advance what the sex of their baby will be--and while I'm sure that has its plusses, I personally think they're missing out on something cool.)

Don't get me wrong. Boys are fantastic--sons are great, and they get more so with every passing year. I love spending time with my sons, and I think they are two of the coolest, funniest, most handsome young men in the universe. If the Lord had seen fit to give me only sons, I would still count myself immeasurably blessed.

But oh, having a daughter is wonderful! Especially now that the junior-high years are but a distant and fading memory.

I love spending time with my daughter. I love shopping with her, eating out with her, watching movies with her, listening to music with her. Laughing with her about the funny things that happened at school, or enjoying her uncanny talent with mimicry. Listening to her play the piano or the guitar, or talk on the phone with her friends or cousins: "Me TOO, Katie!!!!" "Mary, you're not going to believe this..." Listening to her sing freely and unguardedly around the house.

Elizabeth, you are a joy, a delight, a blessing. Happy Birthday, baby girl...I love you!

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