Friday, February 18, 2005

Happy Birthday, Justin!

My wonderful son Justin turns 22 years old today.

It simply boggles my mind that my younger son, my middle child, is 22 years old. Justin is a student at Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio. I talk to him as often as possible, and eagerly look forward to his visits home.

How can I describe Justin? Since the day he was born, his personality has been obvious. Capable, stubborn, cheerful and adorable.

Justin is the type of person that is good at just about everything he does. He is just, simply, up to the challenge of whatever comes his way. He's just good at stuff. I always have him drive whenever I go anywhere with him, because he's such a good driver.

He goes through life in a state of almost perpetual good humor and serenity. Nothing ever seems to make him panicky or extremely angry. He's calm and philosophical about problems or roadblocks of any kind. He's logical and generally unflappable.

He has a great calming effect on me. Whenever I tend to freak out about anything, Justin can usually settle me down with one matter-of-fact, practical comment.

He's so, so funny. His sense of humor is wry and quirky and just hilarious.

He's cool and handsome and very, very smart. I just look at him sometimes and marvel that he came out of my body. Is that really my child? Well, he is the only child I have that inherited my green eyes, but he doesn't really look like me at all.

I love spending time with him. I love when he comes home from college...from the minute he bursts in the door, it's like a fresh breeze has swept life has been injected into the house.

He's just...well, he's just JUSTIN. And I adore him.

Happy birthday, Justin!

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