Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I'm going to believe Jimmy the Groundhog!

Well, I'm not actually going to believe him...more like hope he's right.

Headquartered in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Jimmy is a lot closer to me than Punxsatawney Phil, who lives in Pennsylvania. Phil saw his shadow this morning...Jimmy didn't. Which according to weather lore, means if Jimmy's right, we'll have an early spring.

Of course, it's all nonsense. Spring will actually arrive around March 21st, regardless of what rodents see or don't see their shadow--and I've no doubt we'll see all kinds of weather before we get to that date. But it gives me a little shred of hope to cling to.

I can't mention Groundhog Day without thinking of the movie of the same name, starring Bill Murray and Andie of my very favorite funny movies ever.

It's about a weatherman who is kind of a jerk, who keeps re-living Groundhog Day over and over. Finally he learns some important, life-changing lessons.

Love how every morning when his alarm goes off, Sonny and Cher's "I Got You Babe" is playing...

Christian Carnival is up...

The Christian Carnival is up at Wittenberg Gate...go and check it out. I actually remembered to submit a post this time!

Submitting a post is a good way to give your blog some exposure, and find out about other people's blogs as well.

Michael Easley to be new MBI president...

Moody Bible Institute officials announced last night that 47-year-old Virginia pastor Michael Easley will succeed Joe Stowell as president of the college.

From the MBI site: "Dr. Easley is a gifted Bible teacher and church leader. His passion for ministry, heart for people and love for God are the hallmark qualities that have distinguished MBI presidents for 119 years."

Read more in this Chicago Tribune article.

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