Thursday, February 24, 2005

I get interviewed!

Bloggers are doing mini-interviews of each other all over the blogosphere lately, just for fun...and finally, after years of interviewing other people I'm getting interviewed.

Would you like me to interview you? --Let me know in my comments section.

Asking the questions is one of my favorite bloggers, Julie Anne Fidler of Fidler on the Roof:

1)You're such a radio diva, you get to interview some of the coolest people. Who's the one person you haven't interviewed yet, that you're really dying to?--No doubt about it, President George W. Bush. Second on the list would probably be Rush Limbaugh.

2)If Michael W. Smith walked up to you, pointed to his bottom, and said, "Free smacks!" Would ya do it? --Oh, Julie, Julie, Julie...I should've known you'd ask something like that. :) If Smitty did actually did that, I'd probably be so freaked out I would be paralyzed to take any action.

3)If you weren't in radio, what would you do for a living?--My dream has always been to write for publication. I'd also love to be able to get enough voice-over work that I could make a living doing only that. No more getting up at 4 AM for morning drive!

4)What artist or CD do you listen to when you're depressed?--Sometimes I'll listen to something like Andrea Bocelli's Sogno...for some reason, it makes me even sadder, so I just go ahead and wallow in the sadness and get it out of my system. (Don't get me wrong, I love Andrea, but sometimes he just strikes a melancholy chord in me.)

But if I really want to perk up, I'll listen to something faith-affirming and joyful, like the Winans'The Very Best Of ("Every Day the Same," "It's Time") or Rich Mullins' Songs.

5)What would your husband say is your most ANNOYING habit?
--Not keeping the car as pristinely clean as he would like it. Especially when I drive "his" vehicle.

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