Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A Christian looks at Sundance

A Christian couple goes to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Their mission? To join 60 film and theology students in watching "as many movies as our minds could handle and discuss what we saw with professors from Biola University and Fuller Theological Seminary."

In Mr. Christian Goes to Sundance, at www.pluggedinonline, Adam R. Holz writes: "I confess I was looking forward to rubbing shoulders with the rich and the famous. But I also wondered how much the movies we would we see might attack our convictions. In recent years, Hollywood has been better at trashing Christianity than at producing nuanced portrayals of people of faith. Would the independent films we were slated to see do any better?"

Does God have a sense of humor?

Well, some people apparently think He does.

A group of Old and New Testament scholars have gathered in Rome for a seminar on "Laughter and Comedy in Ancient Christianity."

According to this article: "They hope to show that humor, far from being considered sinful, had an important place in early Christianity and in the Bible."

Quote from a rocker

"[I've] started thinking about God again for the first time in years. My mom is a devout Christian, but I used to be like, 'Forget about what God wants. I'll do what I want.' Yet once I thought about what I really wanted, I realized it was to get close to God. And I knew that I had to stop the things I was doing because God wanted me to respect myself." —Good Charlotte's Joel Madden, on how his interest in God is growing as he matures [Seventeen, 3/05]--from Plugged In's Culture Clips

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